What our clients say about Arcus Advisory

  • Susie has been an extremely helpful, skillful and considerate adviser. The college application process is known to be highly stressful and demanding, but during my time with Susie, I felt increasingly capable of completing all stages of the application process. With Susie’s support and discipline to stick to a plan / deadlines, the process runs smoothly.

    I first met with Susie in May of 2021 (whilst I was in year 11). Susie made me feel confident, comfortable and excited about the application process. We discussed my academic interests, which she took into account to suggest schools that would be a good fit for me. In our next few meetings, we finalised a list of schools that I was going to apply to and in April of 2022, I had the opportunity of touring these colleges; my top choice being NYU.

    After my trip, Susie’s organizational skills took to action. We quickly arranged a meeting where we discussed my preferred schools and adjusted my list. Then it was straight to work. Susie has been a huge support going through the expectations that the colleges have in regards to questions, essays and extra-curricular activities included in the Common Application. She was extremely helpful and attentive during the Summer of 2022, in which several drafts of my main college essay were emailed back and forth between us, I think at least 15 times!

    With having my main essay completed by the end of the summer holiday, next was time to work on the supplemental essays for each college. These highly demanding and time-consuming essays were facilitated with Susie by my side. She again talked me through the process of what exactly colleges are looking for. Throughout the Autumn of 2022, we were emailing each other back and forth with drafts of numerous essays.

    Having interests in both Business and Art and not entirely ready to commit to one of them, Susie and I had long discussions about different programs that would be suitable for me. We concluded that programs at NYU and Northeastern would be a good match. I decided to apply early decision to NYU. Susie’s constant support and attentiveness meant that I was ready to apply by the deadline. Even though I applied early decision to NYU, Susie made sure I carried on working on the supplemental essays for the other colleges and would give me regular feedback on how I was doing, sometimes even responding within an hour!

    On December 15th I got the acceptance email from NYU, my top choice. It was a dream! I immediately shared the good news with Susie.

    I highly recommend Susie for her range of skills and her wide knowledge of the college system. Susie was by my side throughout the whole process and was always accessible. Applying to college is a time consuming, pressurising challenge, with essays needing to be written the correct way and within the word limits, with attachments needing to be in the correct format and extra-curricular activities having to stand out. Susie knows exactly what universities are expecting and how to add an edge to applications, making them stand out from the rest. I can confidently say that with Susie’s support and advice, the application process will seem a lot easier to complete and will ensure the best chances of success. Thank you again Susie!

    Chantal, London, UK.
  • I would like to recommend Susie and Arcus Advisory in the strongest terms.

    Susie did a really great job preparing our son from the very start through the application process and understanding the various stages of the process along the way.

    Our son was successful gaining a place “early action” at his top choice; Harvard University.

    Susie was helpful identifying a good plan of action- which aspects, both academic and extra-curricular, to focus on. Then Susie was helpful describing good ways to prepare for all the necessary steps and for certain necessary exams, outside the curriculum of the UK system.

    Susie was helpful at short notice to give advice at all times- recommendations when to visit certain universities and other aspects such as timing of deadlines etc. Susie is extremely knowledgeable about the various US universities and the difference and sensitivities about applying from the UK system.

    I think only someone like Susie can give very insightful advice as to which specific university might be a good fit for which type of child- Susie is particularly experienced and able to do this well.

    We always found Susie to be very friendly, highly professional and flexible and able to jump onto a call or meet up at short notice. A strong recommendation from us all.

    Anonymous, London, UK.
  • We are extremely happy to recommend Susie and her team. We have twin girls with very different skills, and she did an outstanding job in recognising this and identifying the appropriate schools for each one. Having chosen the schools, we were given a very clear strategy on how best to proceed. One of our daughters had a clear preference for one university over the others and through Susie connections we were able to meet a senior member of the admissions team in a face to face meeting. We were strongly advised to consider early application which we did, and we were delighted when our daughter was accepted. Our other daughter has been recommended a much wider choice of universities that have been handpicked to suit both her academic skills and cultural preferences (big cities over small town campuses).

    Where Susie really adds value however is in preparing the individual applications which carry far more weight in the USA then in the UK. She painstakingly went through every single line of their personal statements encouraging them both to do multiple rewrites until it showed them in the best possible light. She sat down with them individually and went through every word of each application that was sent. It is very obvious to us that we could not have done this on our own.

    Finally, we would just like to say that Susie was a pleasure to work with, flexible enough to listen to our views but firm in both her opinion and her recommendations. Perhaps, the biggest testament is that both our girls love working with her.

    RM London, UK
  • Susie has been wonderful in helping us to navigate the breadth and depth of Unis & Colleges to choose from as well as made the application process much less daunting.

    Our daughter is now very excited to have been accepted to her first-choice school! Thank you, Susie!

    Kathy LP London, UK
  • Susie rescued our family when she agreed to help our daughter with her applications just 3 weeks before they were due.  She worked diligently throughout the Christmas holidays, never taking more than a few hours to turn things around.  Her comments were always insightful and helpful, and her calm and pleasant manner went a long way to defusing the inevitable stress of looming deadlines.  She also had detailed and up-to- date information on virtually every college that our daughter was applying to.
    We were so satisfied with the experience of working with her that we signed her on to help our son, who is applying this year, as soon as the process was completed.  Great value for money!  Thank you Susie!

    MN in Kensington, London
  • I retained Susie and her company, Arcus Advisory, to help us during the university admission process for our son Robert. Susie and her team were reliable, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. She was particularly helpful with essay brainstorming and editing. I highly recommend Susie and Arcus as university application counselors. I greatly appreciated the high level of personal attention and versatile knowledge to best position myself for my applications.

    Phillip, London, UK
  • Arcus Advisory is very dedicated, precise, well organised and passionate about the success of their students. They were very supportive for my son who was applying from Paris and not familiar with the process. He also needed help with his English written work and they were able to work well in a bilingual manner. A perfect coach for Europeans who need that extra boost -
Thank you for all your help!

    Marie, Paris
  • Susie did a great job helping my daughter through the complex application process; especially with the essay as English is not her first language. She was positive and encouraging and was able to aid her write a very powerful, successful application.

    Pauline, Geneva, Switzerland
  • In a very short space of time, Susie communicated effectively with my son and motivated him to collaborate with her to do his best work on his US college admission application.  The way he presented and wrote about himself and his interests and ideals resulted in an acceptance at his first choice Ivy League school.  Susie has an uncanny ability to help a student craft an application that genuinely reflects their character and potential and puts them forward in the best possible light, greatly enhancing their chances for success.  She works very hard and gets an A+ from us - I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Judi, London, UK
  • I can whole-heartedly recommend Susie for college advising.  She was superb in every way with our two daughters who both really enjoyed working with her. Susie is very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the process - from summer job suggestions to helping match her students to the right colleges. Susie is particularly skilled in supporting her applicants through the essay writing - making sure each one shines in their unique and individual ways.  I can attest that you will be thrilled with Susie as a college adviser.

    Ariane Sodi, London, UK
  • Susie and her team did an incredible job with our son on his university applications. They were hands on from the start: from organising a realistic and useful work plan so that everything was finished in a short amount of time, to providing incredible support and encouragement with the essays.

    Alexandra, London, UK

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